Summer project: Backyard (Farm) to Table Webisodes

Because I always need a creative project on top of all my regular work, I’ve decided to so a summer/fall webisode series documenting the transformation of my yard into a haven for fruits, veggies, (and flowers). Eventually, once I have produce, I will include recipes as well.

From the description of the first episode:

“Just for fun, I’m documenting the transformation of my yard into a haven for fruits, veggies, (and flowers). I will try to do one episode a week, but as it is summer, there may be some weeks I’m not around. 😉 This is true backyard film-making – I shoot everything myself on a Sony HD DCR-SR47, usually in one take (maybe two). Each “scene” is shot in succession, back to back, and then quickly edited – which explains why my excessive use of words like “actually” don’t all get eliminated (I apologize for that and promise to work harder to just not say “actually” in the next episode). My goal is simply to document the work and share what I’ve learned – including planting tips and yummy recipes with the herbs and vegetables that result. Now that I finally have a home of my own and small piece of land to play with, I can’t imagine not having a food garden. I strongly advocate for this choice for all landowners – consider taking some of your turfgrass area and turning it into a small garden bed – my main veggie bed is only 10 x 14 feet – not very big – and most people have at least that much space in lawn. Thank you for checking out my first episode! :)”

Click here for the first webisode: Backyard (Farm) to Table Episode 1

Please enjoy and share with us your gardening favorites – favorite planting tips, favorite plants, favorite recipes – we’re open to hearing your tips and stories! Happy summer!

– AMo


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