About the girls

We are six friends who met in graduate school and helped each other survive by sharing Top Chef nights. Once a week, when Top Chef was on, we would gather to watch the show…but mostly, this gave us an excuse to catch up, share wine and new food creations inspired by our own foodie challenges. Each week, one girl would pull a challenge from the gold mug, and would bring her creation to the gathering the following week. We all grew in our culinary bravery and prowess, but more importantly, these evenings strengthened our friendship and our bond. Conversations ranged from our fears and triumphs, to our challenges and successes. Now, we are scattered across the country in Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama, and Arkansas, catching up only infrequently via Skype or phone. Careers, babies, spouses, moving, traveling, and all else that makes life wonderful keeps us busy. Life gets in the way when those you love live far away.

This blog will provide us six fierce feminists, who are wildly different in our beliefs and politics, a space to keep the conversation going, to share our lives, loves, and foodie adventures with each other. These stories will help us to keep our bond alive and fresh as we regularly share tales and recipes with each other and with our readers. Grab a glass of wine, pull up a cushion, and enjoy our continuing journey from the comfort of this digital kitchen.

– AMo, AHab, Robin, Mo, V, and Adele


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